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The rarity of diseases means a higher grade of complexity in diagnosis, research and pharma development. Clinical medicine can be revolutionized due to breakthroughs innovation in sequencing technology and data analysis processes. This impact can be even greater if we talk about rare diseases, those include a broad diversity of symptoms and signs. Many of the rare diseases have enormous effects on the lives of those affected and their families, as well as on the healthcare system and pharmaceutical sector. The potential to develop novel medicine, due to combining clinical and genetics technologies, can have a strong impact on the problems of both individuals and the healthcare system.

Diagnosis Odyssey

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Research and Pharma development

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Orphan Drugs

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Precision Medicine

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Meet our Rare Disease Team

Democratising of Genomics Data

In 2015 in the USA and in 2017 in Europe WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing) was made accessible for any single person with a price lower than $1.000, making it nearest then even the achievement of a new predictive and precision medicine. With this in mind we have developed proprietary technology and highly specialized laboratories with an international team of scientists, geneticists and bioinformatic specialists. Our platform allows us to integrate sequencing and medical data to provide more accurate and faster answers to doctors, researchers and patients in Worldwide. Tailoring of treatment can provide more sustainable therapies and help patients live healthier physical and mental lives.

Meet our Science Team

Genome, Medicine and Machine Learning

Genome sequencing requires a level of infrastructure and expertise that could be beyond the scope of public healthcare funding and pharmaceutical organizations. In addition to highly specific machinery and highly trained personnel of geneticists and bioinformaticians, in order not only to extract genomic data but also to process them and provide significant insights, it is necessary to rely on integrated and advanced analytical technologies empowered by machine learning innovations. The synergy that comes from genetics and pharma fields builds a continuous learning environment and allows clinical medicine and pharmaceutical sector in a much better position to keep pace with the ongoing rapid scientific and technological developments and to leverage them to their own improvement.

Precision Medicine

Developing novel drugs and therapies taking into account individual variability in genes, add to medical and lifestyle information, allows the research to predict more accurately and in less time the treatment for a particular disease. Encourage the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry to carry out research on and development of orphan drugs.

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Who is Stripe2be?


The Company

Stripe2Be is a Global Whole Genome Sequencing Company specialized in Rare Disease Genomics. We are committed to ending Diagnostic Odyssey for rare disease by providing advanced Genomics solutions, from molecular diagnosis to advanced reporting. As a result, we provide the Whole Genome Sequencing Test, the most complete DNA test that:
1) increases the diagnosis yield; 2) decreases costs for both people and physicians.

Is your service available in my country?


Country service

We ship our tests worldwide with Next-day free shipping and returns.

What is Stripe2Be Test?


Whole genome Sequencing

Stripe2Be Test is a Whole Genome Sequencing Test, based on Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), that guarantees 30X coverage on all the coding and non-coding regions of human DNA. It is a genomic test that offers the highest likelihood of finding a diagnosis for rare genetic diseases. Stripe2Be’s most important benefits are:
1) Unparalleled diagnostic yield; 2) Great efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to generating a report; 3) Massive cost savings.

How long does it take to sequence my genome?


Sequencing Turnaround time

It depends on the turnaround time you chose at checkout (2 weeks or 8 weeks). Within 2 weeks or 8 weeks of us receiving your sample kit at our laboratory, your sample will be analysed, and your results will be delivered securely online. You will be notified by email when your results are ready.

How can I register my kit?


Kit registration

Click here to register your kit. Please do it before shipping back the kit.

Analyze your entire DNA with a Stripe2be test

€ 500,00

At Stripe2Be we provide Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), analyzing 100% of your DNA. It is the most comprehensive, detailed type of genetic test available. We break down your WGS data into 5 easier-to-read reports which are all about your individual Stripes.


Don’t discover your stripes alone

Get help from a team of specialized geneticists to better understand the true potential of your genetic reports and data.
Three simple steps:

  • Choose the service you prefer
  • Upload clinical and genetic reports
  • Book the visit when is best for you

Epilepsy Stripes Report

Rare can be unique. For this reason our Research and Development team develops specific reports for each type of disease. Epilepsy is one of them.