About Stripe2be

Stripe2Be is a Global Whole Genome Sequencing Solution specialized in Rare Disease Genomics. We are committed to ending Diagnostic Odyssey for rare disease by providing advanced Genomics solutions, from molecular diagnosis to advanced reporting.

80% of rare diseases are genetic or have a genetic component. Understanding the genomics of rare disease can help understand the cause of undiagnosed disorders, helping families avoid years of hospital visits and unnecessary tests.

A Reliable Solution

On average, the long search for a rare disease diagnosis - the “diagnostic odyssey” - takes:

  • 5/6 years;

  • 8 physicians;

  • 2 /3 misdiagnoses.

Our solution, by combining molecular diagnostics and software, offers the highest likelihood of rare disease diagnosis and the fastest path to ending the diagnostic odyssey. We rely on 2 our pillars:

Our Test

Our Test (Whole-genome-sequencing for rare disease) provides 30X coverage of the human genome. It has the power to help diagnose genetic diseases quickly, helping people avoid long diagnostic odysseys.

Our Software

Our Genomic Interpretation Software offers more precise and faster analysis of complex genomic data, using machine learning and a continuous feedback loop from our database and the clinical lab.